The Priory History

Hidden from the road, this charming historic house, part of a very special setting, was built in the 12th century as a small Benedictine priory. It was established by the Abbey at Bath, and is now the home of the Forshaws. Over the centuries it has been modified for different ways of living. For instance, although it still remains attached to St. Georges church at one corner, the cloisters between the two buildings were dismantled and there is now the lovely church memorial garden in its place. This is open to the public, with private access from The Old Priory garden. The arched coloured glass windows sadly, are no more, but the 14th century fireplace remains. In the 17th century, ceilings and doorways were added but some of the four-tier windbrace roof timbers can still be seen, particularly in the four-poster bedroom.

The property is built in a L-shape, sitting at the far end of a walled garden. The north-south elevations is referred to as The Old Priory (B&B). The Old Priory Cottage (self-catering) is partially facing east-west.

The Old Prior is located in Priory Green opposite the Dovecote, north of St George’s church near the Tithe Barn.